TKH Children and Teens Ministry understands that children are God’s Heritage and a gift from Him. They are not born ‘ready-made’ but they are born with inate talents and strengths which when identified, trained, nurtured and guided in the right channel through the word of God would grow to fulfill their purpose and make positive impact in the world. At TKH Children Ministry, we:

▪ Ensure every child and teenager in the Church is led to the kingdom of God in the most comprehensible manner by giving their lives to Christ

▪ Teach the children and teenagers to know, love and serve God whole heartedly

 ▪ Equip them with the learning of the word, through study in class, memory verse recitations and follow up study at home

▪ Look after the wellbeing and safety of the children and teenagers and foster good parent-children relationship

▪ Help children and teenagers discover and showcase their gifts and talents while having fun.

▪Position them to live victoriously as the champions that they are, by believing in themselves as God’s own