Speak Out Against Sexual Assault Initiative is a freedom initiative born out of the need to address the rising scourge of Sexual assault against underage people and vulnerable individuals.
Founded by a Nigerian clergy man in conjunction with a few other concerned citizens, SOASA seeks to create an enabling, non-judgmental and stigma-free environment where victims of sexual assault are at liberty to report abuse, and perpetrators are quickly brought to book.
Following over twenty years of experience with survivors of rape, child molestation, sexual assault and battery; the founders of SOASA have come to the conclusion that our culture of silence in the face of these ills, has led to series of physical, emotional, psychological and even spiritual trauma suffered by victims; oftentimes dragging into several years before they eventually find healing and respite.
It is our belief that when survivors of sexual assault are empowered to speak out about their ordeal, it not only helps the law apprehend their attackers, but also helps them heal faster and find succour. The idea of “taboo” associated with the issue should be strongly discouraged as it promotes a breeding ground for more attacks on innocent victims; further perpetuating the scourge in itself.
In the matter of sexual assault, we believe SILENCE IS NOT GOLDEN. Speaking out strengthens the victims and disarms the perpetrators.