God’s plan for couples is to experience a  joyous and fulfilling marriage. “Couples’ Alive Network” is a vibrant ministry of The King’s Heritage that ensures couples enjoy marriage the way God originally intended for it to be. 

During the course of our meetings, which include exclusive couples’ dinners, seminars and movies, broken homes have been mended, joy and harmony have been restored in marriages, homes have been redesigned and built on God’s foundation, insights and nuggets for lasting relationships have been shared and practiced. By and large, countless testimonies have been shared on how our meetings have impacted homes.

Apart from building couples, Couples’ Alive network equally fosters bonding and networking among couples, thereby benefiting from each other in different ways. Under the inspiration and teachings of  Pastor Lawrence Onochie, We come to understand God’s principles on ‘Love and respect’ and as such, we practicalise it amongst ourselves, whether in the church or outside of it. In essence, all couples active in the network tend to bond just like a family.

The Couples’ Alive network is getting set for yet another impactful programme, that will not only set you on the edge, but one that will mend every semblance of crack in your marriage and give you more grace to continue as a power couple, just the way God planned it.

We invite you to be part of this.