Pastor recently uncovered a new serial teaching on the most unlikely topics. We know for sure that teachings here in church could and most often take a twist from the surface theme, so we know better than to judge a book by its cover, because several seemingly light topics andContinue Reading

Righteousness exalts a Nation. But sin is a reproach to any People- Proverbs 14:34.We were created by God and we belong to Him, and we know that Nothing outside of Him was made. This makes God the Alpha and Omega, the Supernatural one with dominance over all. He is equallyContinue Reading

THE NEW THING There is something about beginnings that is interesting. Other than the fact that it translates to newness, it provides fresh opportunities for tremendous achievements and expressions. While some people believe ‘beginning’ is tiring, akin to the revving of an automobile engine requiring much energy which might eventually leaveContinue Reading