The Word Experience

Pastor recently uncovered a new serial teaching on the most unlikely topics. We know for sure that teachings here in church could and most often take a twist from the surface theme, so we know better than to judge a book by its cover, because several seemingly light topics and surface themes always lead us into a labyrinth of discoveries and understanding. 
As the word of God declares “The entrance of thine word giveth life and understanding to the simple” , the  heart of man if open and willing to receive cannot miss the deep understanding of God’s word. For all we know, the more we gaze at the Word through these Spirit-filled, inspirational teachings, the more we uncover some truth that floods our hearts with intense light. We dare say this experience could go for weeks unending with accompanied deep revelations. It is exciting to know the Word of God is deep and the effect of its various levels of depth impacts our lives systemically. 
As Pastor uncovers the life lessons behind the series “What’s Love got to do with it?” (Rom 5:1-5), we look forward to glorious days, or perhaps weeks and months of great impartations that translates to testimonies. 
The Word of God is truth and Life and so we invite you to be a part of these teachings.

1st Service (communion): 7:30am-9am

 2nd Service: 9am- 10:30am

3rd Service – 10:30am -12noon

4th Service (Rave) – 12noon – 1:30pm

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