Just Do It

Righteousness exalts a Nation. But sin is a reproach to any People- Proverbs 14:34.
We were created by God and we belong to Him, and we know that Nothing outside of Him was made. This makes God the Alpha and Omega, the Supernatural one with dominance over all. He is equally the all-knowing and Perfect one.
He made you and put you here to dominate the earth, equipping you for for His perfect plan right here.

So let me announce to you (in case you haven’t realized this) that God placed you in this country deliberately and for a purpose. You are not the citizen of your country by error. With God nothing is a mistake.
 With this knowledge at hand, you have been called the salt of the earth. Without you, the earth ; your country of origin and immediate community will be impoverished. Christians aren’t Christians because they worship Christ, but because they act like Christ and have His mind, in which case must be evident in our daily living. This is why we are called the SALT of the earth. 
The proportion of salt in a meal is only a tiny fraction, yet the salt’s effect defines the real taste of the meal. As Christian’s, we may feel outnumbered and sometimes get exasperated, but we must know that it’s not about numbers, the singular force exerted by a Christian far overrides any other force combined, only we do not quite understand it. We are made for MORE

Our responsibilities or involvements should not be confined within the four walls of our worship centers and local churches; we have got far bigger responsibilities. We must get up and play our civic duties. Praying for a better Nation especially at these times is the way to go, but this alone cannot bring the transformation we seek. You must be an intercessor on one hand and actively work towards the prayer on the other hand. 
These times are critical not just locally, but globally. “Righteousness exalts a Nation” – Righteousness is the quality of being morally right or justifiable; acting in accord with divine or moral law. Do your bit, be in alignment with the will of God and stay in tandem with your civic roles. God is counting on you to mend the broken walls. Nehemiah prayed, took a long leave from his foreign job and then traveled a great distance to his home country just so things are made right again. He didn’t wait for anyone to fix it. He fixed it himself (Nehemiah 1) .
If you have noticed something wrong, then it means you have the power to change it. God has equipped you. Start anyhow, do your bit within your community and work your way up. Elections in Nigeria are around the corner. As the salt that you are, have you rightly secured your position to perform your electoral duties? Do you have your PVC? Like Nehemiah, do you have a strong burden for your country?
The agenda of God cannot be thwarted. This is the call for real Christian’s. He needs men through whom to deliver His agenda. You are one of such men.

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